Southern Metal Spinners the makers of the famous Bedourie camp oven have released their new Aussie Camp Ovens to the market.  These camp ovens are made from spun steel and come in ten, twelve and fifteen inch models.  The notable difference from the Bedourie is that the lid is turned up to more easily hold the coals and has a very good fit to prevent coals falling inside.  The bottom has a distinctively rounded shape.

Seasoning a spun steel camp oven is different from the traditional cast iron camp oven.  Wash your oven in hot soapy water to remove any of the manufacturing oils then dry.  Slowly melt a tablespoon of cooking oil or fat in the oven, using a wooden spoon to coat the bottom surface thoroughly.  Remove from heat and with a paper towel, coat the sides with oil.  Using another paper towel, wipe off excess oil.  If you feel that the amount of black showing on the towel is excessive, let the oven cool and repeat the process.  Do not continue repeating until the towel is spotless, only a good amount of grease is rubbed into all surfaces.

Wash your camp oven using mild soap - never strong detergent.  After each wash place the oven on a burner or fire to dry thoroughly.  Do not let iot remain on the heat longer than necessary for drying.

Southern Metal Spinners say that these are a 5 in 1 cooker as you can roast, bake, fry, boil and smoke
in them and give the following directions for use

Aussie Camp Ovens come in three sizes

Typical look of the ten and twelve inch models

Typical look of the 15 inch model. Note the heavy duty handle for those big loads

With the lid off

A closer look at the handle assembly and rounded bottom

The lid has a very good lip so that the lid fits inside to prevent ash and coals falling into the oven

The ten and twelve inch models come with a perforated trivet

The lids on the Aussie Camp Ovens make a great frying pan
The fifteen inch model shown below with a can of Pepsi to show size

My size ten sandal in the fifteen inch model
Imagine a baked ham or large pork leg roast in there or a dozen bread rolls or two loaves of bread